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Mountain Lake

Ecosystem Protection Project Welcomes You

Data Driven Approaches to Protect our Most Precious Resources

Our Mission 

Environmental destruction is all around us. From illicit wildlife trafficking and rare earth mineral smuggling to illegal logging and unreported, unregulated fishing, the global effects of these activities are far reaching and have profound consequences both regionally and globally. Irreversible environmental damage, political instability, conflict, corruption and humanitarian crises are some of the effects of environmental crime. These illicit activities and their destructive effects fuel a hidden global economy that reaches into the billions of dollars range annually and destroys communities, families and countries alike. We bring together a unique team of professionals and leverage our expertise to combat the negative external factors that shape ecosystems. By focusing on the man-made external factors, the natural internal factors are allowed to flourish, creating sustainable, positive environmental effects for all.  

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We are a group of data scientists, analysts and investigators with backgrounds in intelligence, law enforcement and defense who are passionate about conservation and combating external threats to global ecosystems. We use analytic and data driven approaches to produce environmental intelligence to combat an array of global environmental crime. Our skills coupled with our passion for environmental protection allow us to make a difference through revealing the critical unknowns in global environmental criminal networks, supporting myriad conservation and operational efforts. We live by our core values of Integrity, Innovation and Leadership and exemplify this in everything we do.  

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