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Once critical nodes, centers of gravity and enabling mechanisms are revealed, this raw data must be turned into informed analysis to support decision making and operational efforts. Useful data, even when separated from from bulk data, has to be connected and shaped in such a way that it is tailored not only for immediate operational purposes but also for strategic shaping purposes. Layers of other regionally relevant analysis are fused with finished intelligence from our data driven methods to produce rich, shareable products that allow for an in-depth understanding of environmental criminal operations.  


In today's data rich environment, organizations are often overwhelmed when it comes to sorting out what pieces of information are important from what is not. This is especially true when examining the multifaceted types of environmental crime and the networks that perpetuate it. Using data science and activity based approaches, our personnel wade through immense data sets to find the critical nodes and pathways where operational efforts can have the greatest effects. We utilize encrypted cloud based solutions to ensure the widest, near-real time dissemination of information among our teams and partners. Our team members have worked on hard target technical problem sets across the globe and now we leverage this experience to support the fight against global environmental crime. 


We work to integrate a variety of efforts of non-governmental organizations, private and public sector organizations, synergizing their operations to focus on the most critical environmental criminal threats. This is done through targeted research on mutual problems of interest, data sharing, and partnership building. Our team are experts at cultivating collaborative relationships across the highest levels of government and the private sector giving us the unique ability to to bridge the divide between operations and policy to shape strategic outcomes. Our personnel have held senior positions within the US Intelligence Community, Department of Defense and National Security Council and are experts in building, leading and maintaining high performance teams. 


We believe that the best way to approach the tough issue of environmental crime is through critically analyzing it using technology and attacking the problem with zeal through partnerships. We strive to be the nexus that pulls disparate organizations together, build a team and successfully develop tradecraft and methodologies to assist in dismantling environmental criminal organizations.  We aim for our work to advance the preservation of global ecosystems, degrade their negative external factors and ensure their internal factors can flourish for generations to come.     

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